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Measures to prevent gear noise
Oct 20, 2021

Measures to prevent gear noise

       Generally speaking, based on the cause of noise generated by gear transmission, it is summed up as load, vibration frequency, gear friction and bearing rotation, therefore, in the prevention of gear noise, should also be based on these points to focus on research.

1. The load

       In view of the load is mainly still gear under production in terms of weight, therefore, in the corresponding product gear when the choice, should still product can bear the weight of production, namely according to the weight of different products need to appropriate switch gear, avoid some cannot bear the weight of the corresponding in the process of gear transmission noise.

2. Frequency of vibration

       Due to the large friction and fast speed between some gears, the vibration speed is too fast and the noise is generated. In the design of gears, attention should be paid to the movement speed of gears, that is, the number of weeks should be specified in a certain period of time, rather than allowing them to rotate too fast.

3. Gear friction

       As said above, the friction between the gear is too big, too much vibration, the noise will be very big, corresponding to reduce the friction between the gear, should choose as far as possible when choosing gear appearance smooth gear, remember that it is not possible to select appearance coarse, high friction gear, in addition, can also be injected in the gear lubricant, promote efficient and effective operation of the gears.

4. Bearing movement

       Not only requires the design of gear bearing design, but also includes the inspector of gear bearing cycle supervision, requirements, the designer of the design of gear bearing guarantee period can withstand the gear transmission should be able to withstand the amount of error, as well as the design of gear predicted may exist in a reasonable range of design defects.

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Measures to reduce noise

1. Improve gear lubrication method

       For gear lubrication, reduce noise, should not only from the choice of lubricant, should also be innovative gear lubrication method, saving lubricant used at the same time, improve the service efficiency of gear and reduce noise, although studies have shown that centrifugal lubrication is able to effectively reduce gear noise is one of the most effective method, namely, within the prescribed time within the scope of inspection on gear box, Timely replacement seriously damaged and the decline in the quality of gear, the basis, drill a hole in the bottom of the gear, the advantage of the characteristics of centrifugal force, through the small hole injection work of lubricant, but also have a lubricant to use waste, to rule out, in this way can effectively the friction between the gear effectively, avoid the poor lubrication effect with gear transmission noise.

2. Tooth profile correction method

       Due to the tooth profile error, tooth meshing gear, meshing precision crossed, mesh in order to improve the accuracy of our gear tooth profile correction method is used to eliminate the noise effect is very good also, first of all, we are on the gear mesh coated with red lead powder, then use mixed fixed gear meshing points, make gear meshing point distribution near the standard pitch circle as far as possible, improve the accuracy of gear meshing.

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