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Cause of gear noise
Oct 13, 2021

1.Gear vibration speed is too fast

Gear running vibration speed is too fast, mainly in the gear transmission frequency too fast, caused by the gear vibration frequency too fast. The speed of vibration in gear operation is fast, which will affect the frequency of vibration and produce noise.

2. Load impact brings gear vibration

Here the gear drive as a vibrating spring system, gear naturally become a part of the system. When the gear is subjected to different degrees of load, the frequency of vibration and the direction of torsion will be different, and most of them will form the circumferential vibration force. Add in problems with the handling of noise by the gears themselves, and the result is a smooth, non-screaming noise.

Cause of gear noise(图1)

3. Noise generated by resonance

It is known to everyone that resonance can produce noise. As the main way of working in the production room, gear transmission will naturally appear in the operation of resonance. The resonance caused by gear transmission is based on the vibration generated by the rigidity difference of the gear itself and the vibration generated by the friction between the gears in the same vibration frequency, then the interaction between the two is easy to produce resonance, the noise caused by resonance.

Cause of gear noise(图2)

4. Some gear surface smoothness is insufficient

As we all know, if two kinds of objects are smooth, the vibration generated when they rub against each other will be small, the vibration frequency and high frequency wave will be small, and the noise level generated is naturally small. However, a lot of gear surface is too rough, friction surface friction, high vibration frequency, the noise is large and much.

5. Lack of proper lubrication method support

        In gear maintenance and noise reduction, not only good lubricant can reduce the friction vibration between gears, good lubricant use method is also an important method to reduce and reduce noise. The traditional method of lubricant use is to increase the lubricant dose on the gear surface to reduce friction during operation, but this method has little effect on noise reduction. According to the foreign use of gear maintenance and noise reduction on lubrication, more attention is paid to lubrication method, that is, through the method of lubricant fully injected into the gear to reduce noise.

Cause of gear noise(图3)

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